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SIMMER 2020 VMAX Vela windsurf 2020

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2020 VMAX

The VMax is all about freeracing made as simple as possible. This camless sail is easy to rig and easy to tune, light-weight and easy to manuever. But first of all it is incredable fast. The VMax appeals to the freerace sailors of all levels who want to maximize the enjoyment of planing with minimal effort involved. With great low-end power, and locked in stability the V-Max is the best choice for the sailor who wants a camber free, light-weight lightspeed sail.
The -20 VMax features increased effieciency, utilizing traits passed down from our race sails. The enhanced shaping profile draws more energy from the mast, which results in exponentially increased power delivery. The new vertical shaping techniques allows us to create a more harmonious sail profile which results in a more even skin tension between all areas of the sail, providing a more balanced and effective rig.

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