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SIMMER 2020 TRICERA Vela windsurf 2020

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Quick. Lighweight. Agile. That is what the 2020 Tricera is all about. Tricera is Simmer Style´s pure surf style sail, ideal for experienced riders looking for extreme wave riding with virtually no restrictions.
The Tricera 3-batten profile offers a precise light-weight rig to access critical areas of the wave and unlock new lines to draw. It’s the closest you can get to surfing with a sail in your hands. The Tricera’s low aspect profile provides aggressive angle of attack and features a narrower mast sleeve below batten #2 to #3 with less shaping in the dacron luff panel to keep a balanced feel that can go full power to neutral instantly, and a more refined luff curve to maximize energy from the mast, making your rig feel more alive. This easy handling and aggressive performance makes Tricera an automatic choice for both the experienced wavesailor seeking to maximize flair, or any rider who wants to use a smaller sail and increase ease of handling.
Simmer Style Tricera. Instant Style on Demand.
Take your wave riding to the next level with the 2020 Tricera.

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